All of our horses are sold with a 100% health guarantee. The quality of our horses is assured since we use only breeding mares that are A+ quality. These breeding mares are also chosen following a very strict selection criteria corresponding to today's Hafligner. In order to answer the modern Haflinger objective, we use are stallion: Adanac. Imported from Austria, (breeder Mr. Ottos Sweisghut) Adanac is classed as Highest Inspected Haflinger stallion in North America since 1993 by the judges of and criteria’s of the "World Haflinger Federation". (with 82.5 Pts)
Measuring 15 hands, Adanac gives a descent of larger (slime) size all while conserving the elegance, movement and refinement.

We also own famous Austrian Stallion NOBELIUS

A Wonderful Pal (Ti Paul)
Added on: July 28th 2018
Last modified: September 6th 2018
Alibi Down Pat MMS (Age: 4)
Added on: June 5th 2017
Last modified: September 28th 2018
Aniha GGHF (Age: 9 (14.3+))
Added on: August 17th 2018
Last modified: September 19th 2018

Anna GF (Pouliche (né le Juin 2017))
Added on: June 23th 2017
Last modified: July 1th 2018
Antonov GF (Poulain né en 2016)
Added on: June 26th 2016
Last modified: July 28th 2018

April GF 
Added on: July 28th 2018
Last modified: July 28th 2018

Aston Martin GF (Age: 1)
Added on: July 25th 2018
Last modified: July 28th 2018

Luna GF 
Added on: July 22th 2018
Last modified: July 25th 2018

Nunavut GF (Age: 2)
Added on: July 24th 2018
Last modified: July 28th 2018

R-Emma Devine (14.2M)
Added on: October 24th 2016
Last modified: August 21th 2018

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