Most breeder let go any colt as a stallion… Not At Grison Farm

Average from the last 15 year is only 0.75 colt per year that we think was good enough !
Quality is never an Accident ! It’s Determination !

To be listed at our « Stallion Prospect » section, a colt needs to have :

• A Sire that is Inspected and approved by the World Haflinger Federation with 78 Pts and more (Federation recommends 76 pts and more we think it's not enough)
• Dam that already make her proof and "Well-know" + excellent brood mare
• NO close blood breeding & No Close “Line breeding”
• A SUPER confirmation for the « Today » Modern Haflinger Horse
• A minimum of seize for the « Today » Modern Haflinger Horse
• Elegant & soft mover… For Dressage and sport horse


Adios AMS
2011 model 14.2 H
Adios AMS

Sir: Alfa of Genises
Dam: Fantasia RVF

he is calm and gives beautiful offspring, unfortunately we have 2 other stallion and must sell it,

the price is affordable for a breeding stallion

Adios AMS is also on YouTube! Click here to watch

$ 3000 in CDN fund
$ 2500 in US fund (ad $ 250 for paper for to US Exportation)

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