"Haflinger at $225/month"


A HAFLINGER foal for only $ 225.00 per month?
Yes its possible!

Discouraged by shopping for the perfect horse?
Worried about previous health history or handling techniques?
Frustrated by the high cost of a finished horse?

Grison Farm has the solution! 
Let Grison HAFLINGER Farm raise your Dream horse!

Our large rolling pastures is a perfect place to raise a young horse
in a social herd

We offer you a young Haflinger, for the boarding price


• Boarding
• Basic Vet care, farrier work
• Supplements and wormers

We have many nice young horses available


It's a simple boarding agreement for 24 months, after 24 months we sold you this Haflinger for Only $ 1.00. No surprise


2006 Gelding For $ 225.00 to $275 (taxes included) a month
Ali baba Gf
Notika Gf

2006 Fillies for $ 280.00 to $ 325.00 (taxes included) a month
Si Bella GF


« Buying a baby is having a horse for life! »


Oh, Arkansas has a very sweet face!

I really am glad I found your stables information online. I had found another breeder (also in Canada I believe) that does the payment plan, but I didn't like their horses near as much as yours.

I can't imagine someone doing something like you do if they were in it simply for money.

I look forward to owning one of your horses.


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