Characteristics of the Haflinger

Originated from Tyrol, Austria, the Haflinger horse has a light chestnut coloured coat as well as a very abundant white mane and tail. This height is between 14 and 15 hands and he weighs between 800 and 1100 pounds. Intelligent in nature, the Haflinger distinguishes himself from other races by his extreme calmness, his kindness and his legendary patience with children. Further more, his exceptional endurance and versatility makes the Haflinger an excellent family horse.

Breeding Program

Here at Grison farm, we make it  our job to bre e d Haflinger s according to specific criterions.  Our new objective in reproduction is to create a Haflinger horse of larger size while keeping  a solid skeleton, calm temperament, robustness, and  elegance that is his.

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